What a weekend.  I left on Thursday for Grand in Bismarck with Jill Anderson, Lillie, and Brittany and of course Claudia….We arrived and didn’t do much the first night..some practicing and stuff.  I had a room with Lacey Sorenson from Williston and that kicked!  Watched some good flicks..Eurotrip..”I am programmed to get..freaky!”  The whole weekend I hung out with Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Lacey, Chirsty, and Katie from Williston!..YAY!  Friday we did our thing..had a memorial service and Lillie did a nice tribute to her mom.  I played the song Only Hope from “A Walk to Remember” and Sarah Brostuen sang it…THANKS SARAH, you were great..especially with my playing..and I’m soo proud of you and your installation!  You did a great job speaking and what you said meant something to most every single person in the room!

Friday is when my mom and gradparents came and I was so excited because I didn’t know if my grandpa was coming for sure but he surprised me!  I love them so much ..then we had a formal banquet Friday night.  Saturday we did intitiation of the new initiates which went pretty smoothly.  That night was great we all just hung out..good times.  Finally Saturday we had installation of the new officers for next year and I’m Grand Faith..which is really cool, I’m pumped!  Had to say goodbyes which aren’t so fun, and then headed home!  All in all…a great weekend I LOVE RAINBOW..its the best thing in my life I wish everyone who isn’t in it could be in my place for a bit just to see how awesome it is!  I’ve made some of my absolute best friends!


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  1. Katy-   This will be great, the whole world can read about our exciting lives… sooo awesome!! Haha.. but I’ll ttyl… luv ya.. muah!

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