Goodness sakes, can anything get much better than yesterday?  Well probably..but still!  I took Erma to her dialysis, went shopping, stopped at Journey’s, talked to Luke, he gave me his number.  Then later that night I went with Ashley’s family to the fireworks show at the fairgrounds! WOW! Amazing..thanks Ash…good times!

Today..I did some grain bin cleaning, painting, and tractor washing.  Now I need to prepare for my Sr. Pics tommorrow.  Need beauty rest right Ash? I’ll post more later if your lucky


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  1. Ohh Katy- why are you so silly?!  Hehe, I love you anyways.. yeah, had a good time at the fireworks and I feel so bad bout not comin to sr. pics with you.. but I still love you.. just remember that!! Tty soon!! Muah ;)!

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