Lets see…Thursday I took my senior pics.  They went well I think…I hope…if not then thats fine too because I still thought it was a lot of fun!  Not much happened that night…I was on the phone most of the night with different people..catching up on things!

Friday I worked all day (took apart a grain bin, insulated the roof of a shed, picked weeds in the fields, ect.) and that evening Lillie and I went to the fireworks in fargo.  That was pretty awesome even though we couldn’t get into the actual fairgrounds.  We just parked in the parking lot and sat on the hood of my car. The fireworks were spectaculapular..thats good..then we ate taco bell…Today I took Erma to kidney dialysis again and while she was at that I stopped at the mall and bought some jeans and then I went to Target and bought the Alter Bridge cd.  I’m so pumped for that..its a great one .  Then went and bought some music and played some tunes at Schmitt Music to waste some time.  Haven’t figured out the rest of my evening yet…hopefully Ashley will call soon so I’ll update the rest of my night later gators!  Have a good one

Man don’t ask about the rest of my flippin night!..pretty sure I spent it well…watching some tv..some more tv..driving around..sitting at PR…talkin on the phone a couple hours…and watching tv! What a winner…eh?…some things just don’t always pan out as planned..but..the new alter bridge cd still kicks all butts!


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