Good Evening.  Hows everyone doing?  Got up for church today..hadn’t gone in a while..helped my mom serve coffee and stuff..good deal.  Then I came home and ate waffles..mmm good!  I was planning to go out to Peterson’s today to start harvest and then Jill called and said it would be to wet to start.  ONE MORE DAY OF FREEDOM THIS SUMMER!  Tommorrow we start v-ball 2 practices a day and harvest in between.

Watched Mr. Deeds today…BOOOOOOB!..pretty good movie I’d say.  Might chill with Ashley tonight when she gets home from the lake…hit up a movie…who knows.  We are due for a date !  Talked to Bertsch and Krista last night…man where have they been all summer?!  Oh well we’ll make this year great right Kris!?  Hope everyone has a great night

Buenos Noches!


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  1. Hey Katy :)~  Wow, I havent seen you forever… okay i just looked over at you!!  Hehe, well we had a pretty interesting time earlier, sorry i almost killed you!!  :) We’re okay now.. well at least you are.. pry gotta go check my heart.. hehe whoopsies!  I’ll ttyl babay.. in like 2 seconds.. buh bye :D Muah!

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