Goodness sakes..let’s see here…Sunday night..well well well..Ashley got home from the lake and if you can believe it..we had a date.  We drove a round for awhile! Ashley is a great driver hehe!  We rented Cold Mountain..reccomended by Mary..great movie.  We didn’t quite finish it because we kept getting disturbed but that was cool too.  Andy and Chris came over for a while and then Janelle came for a wee bitty.  Finally we called it a night!

Jeepers..Monday was quite the day.  First day of volleyball..wasn’t too tough tho, but then I headed out for harvest all afternoon!  I’m the graincart queen..I’m learning at least.  Then we came back into town for out night practice, and Ashley headed over to finish our movie.  Pat and Kristen also joined us. 

Today..practice once again..harvest..I’m getting better with my grain cartin’..then practice again..tonight was the funnest one yet!  Coach decided to have me hit middle during the hitting drill, since I’m a D.S. great stuff!  Came home and here I am..gunna talk to some people on the phone in a bit..register for ACTs all that good stuff…and of course watch the olympics…YAY ..a guy from the U.S. relay team just beat the best swimmer in the world!!(guess not anymore)  Hopefully get some sleep for once..I hope everyone else’s lives are as exciting as mine lol! And in case I don’t see ya for a while…good morning..good evening..and good night.


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  1. Katy, Katy– You like ARE me.. hehe, you wish ;)!  Jk, I want to be exactly like you, except for not!! LoL, I don’t know whats wrong with me tonight.  But ya know what, we’re gonna have some more good times tomorrow mornin, you should be my partner, I dare you :D… Nighty night.. I LOVE YOU  MUAH!!                                        *Ashley

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