School is cool.

More harvesting today.  Remembered the phone this time…that was nice.  Talked to Kristen, Ashley, Brittany, and Andy.  Andy and I have rescheduled our date for Tues…which also happens to be the last day of summer.  Crazy.  I went to Amacs tonight after work, we stopped early because of rain.  Watched a girl next door..pretty good movie.  Headed home where Kristen and I had a very nice long visit over a game of monopoly.  Actually we didn’t play monopoly but it would have been cool if we did. 

I’m getting really pumped for volleyball this season…I’m going to make a cd just to pump me up for games if anyone has the ultimate pump up songs…LET ME KNOW!…kinda sad..but it floats my boat!  Hope everything has a delightful weekend…call me if you ever want to talk! 

Lil’ Beaner!!!



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