2 days untill school…ya know…I’ve decided senior year won’t be so bad…actually ok…IT’S GUNNA ROCK!…its crazy tho everything is a last…last volleyball team camp, last cheer camp..but oh man is it a memory to never be forgotten last first day of school…kinda, last ping pong picture, man its been an interesting 13 years at Hillsboro Public Schools I tell you what and this year were going off with a BANG guys..eh or something like that!…I have oh about 3 real classes so far…might change to four…I’m a jet student , study hall, band/choir..HECK YEAH PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE COWBELL ALL THE WAY BABY!, strength and fittness, Spanish II, Dual credit Eng., and Trig./College Alg. yeah ouch…so if anyone has any great ideas for the last couple days of summer..let me know..Andy don’t forget our date!! ..

Yours Truley


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  1. hey k-dogg! dont worry too much about your senior year…it will be a blast! just hang on to those memories! and i want a senior pic from ya too..dont forget! ;) goodluck with volleyball…..ill be at some of your games this year! but ill ttyl katy!

  2. Katy– Don’t leave me :(!!  What am I going to do without you.. I mean, you start hanging out with me and all of a sudden its over, just not fair :(.. dont act so happy bout leavin me you meaniehead, we’re like the same person, but not, remember?!  Hehe, but we’ll still hang out.. so don’t think after high school I’m just gone ;)!!  Love ya babe..                                                ~Ashley

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