…so I was in the shower and it was when paul was coming back to visit.  My mom is like Katy Paul is here!..so I am in the shower like freakin out…so I tell her to have them just come stand by there so I can talk to him.  So its Shane and Paul and I’m talking to them and then I have them leave for a  sec. and I get out and then I attacked paul and gave him a huge hug…and then I just start bawling!  I couldn’t stop crying…I was so happy but yet it was so wierd!  Then they had to go for a bit to go visit someone else and I was just all emotional and couldn’t stop bawling…then I wake up. 

So I wake up and it felt sooo real.  It felt like I had just been crying and I was like man I can’t wait now for when paul comes…cuz it was such a happy moment!  Then I got on msn…PAUL WAS ON!…I tell him all about it and he reassured me that he is still coming in October I think it is….YAY!….I really can’t wait to see him!

SONG OF THE DAY- In Loving Memory by Alter Bridge!!!


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  1. Katy– I know I didn’t write yesterday, but that doesn’t mean you can skip too.. that’s just not cool.. I am awaiting you to write another entry so i can read bout our meaningful lives in school now :) hehe scary thought, lol i’ll ttyl.. luv ya!                                                 Ashley

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