OH my….

I’m at one of those times in my life where I couldn’t be happier about what’s going on….but yet I find myself saying…”what the heck is happening?!”  Its like when something you have wanted and hoped for for so long as just been put within your grasp…and as much as you want it…you feel like its not fair because of something else in your life.  Ha nevermind I just can’t talk about it right now..its just I need to get it out and well haven’t been able to yet to whom needs to hear it! sigh.. I guess I am not really wanting to say much more on this thought at the moment plus I’m making no sense to most of you!

First day of school today.  Thats all there is to say about that.  I am making many changes though and after about 4 different class schedules I think I’ve got it figured out. 

Zero hour- S&F

1st- Study Hall

2nd- P.O.D.

3rd- Adv. Bio/Botany

4th- Dual Credit Eng.

5th- Trig./College Alg.

6th- Band/Choir

7th- Study Hall

STINKBOMBS IN THE SCHOOL HALLWAYS….”you guys…there is no way that is someones fart…….it smells like rotten eggs!”….”no katy, cayle set off 1 of his 100 pack of stinkbombs”…..AHHH! (it was freakin hilarious)

Oh had practice today after school and then 2 meetings at the church.  Good times.  I just don’t want to post more…I’ll leave you all in suspense….

School is Cool.

ps. the notebook is a great flick


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  1. Ohh Katy– I know you’re life couldn’t be happier because now you have me, so you can stop braggin on your xanga about how happy you are, cuz i get the picture… I’m jk.. but yea, i’ll ttyl.. love you lots.. Muah!

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