School was pretty fun today actually…not much work and my 7th hour study hall kicks…now just so long as I can keep it and not be a jet student!…gotta love those “I’m going camping” games…you’ll catch on next times guys…don’t worry! haha…”I’m going camping and I’m bringing…lollipops!…are you going to come camping with us too Lillie?!”…good times!

Tonight v-ball prac. was pretty short so thats cool. Game Monday! Then I headed to the first football game in Midway with Krista, Jess, and Marie. We lost 14-0, but it was a pretty good game…had some good runs and got close to a couple td’s…
Headed to Grand Forks and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings..mmm! Clayton and some other people met us there!…thats about it for my day…
Bison game tommorrow with my grandpa, mom, and Lillie…should be a good time! Have a good one and take it easy!


3 thoughts on “”

  1. Ahahah Shut Up I didn’t understand it at all!!! I was so confused with that damn game and when I tried doing it the way I told you it didn’t work… So I just gave up… but I knew it was something with letters so I was proud that I just got that lol

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