Bison game on Saturday…wow blew them away!…Lillie and Kristen and my mom and Grandpa went!…it was great tho…we ran into a lot of people too! My grandpa is a freakin stud…Saturday night I just chilled at home once I got here.
Sunday…church…came home and did a lot of messy work because my mom and I are switching bedrooms so we have stuff all over in the transition stage ha and we have to clean behind EVERYTHING…before we move the new stuff in…all the walls and fun stuff! Then I had a SADD Executive Board ya never guessed how much fun those things can be….SADD FROLF…YIPPEE!..yeah SADD is cool…don’t do booze…Then Ash and I drove around while she had me listen to her favorite song by Ryan Cabrera called TRUE…its a good one…listen to it…its touching! Ashley we have to go to the notebook together…YOU WILL LOVE IT!…yes!!.. SHOUT OUT TO E-PROPS!..(always thought it would be cool to say something like that)

Hump This! ™


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