It has certainly been quite the week!…Big game in Mayville on Monday…didn’t win…but it was a great game…had to be there but it was a fun one!

School is school.  Its been alright, can’t complain.  I am now a kindergarten jet student…yes..I gave in to the cute little kids…not sure how long I will think they are cute but right now I’m lovin it!  I just get sucked in way to easily!

Yes so this week def. had its ups and downs, and last night at the Enderlin game was a definite DOWN…wow…let’s just forget it..because today at practice we just did some talking and it changed our outlook…or mine anyway…on a lot of things that had just happened!…everything happens for a reason…right?! 

Tonight…Ashley and I took a trip to Fargo..ate some goods at Fridays, met up with Lane…caught a movie with Jon, Whiterbug, Britt, Lillie, and Kayla.  Wicker Park..good flick…in my opionion…it has every great movie type in one…Makes ya think…kinda creepy…funny….love story….sad…and very very happy!…

Headin’ to Williston this weekend! YIPPEE!….I’m really excited about that…so untill I talk to ya just Git-r-done!



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