What a wonderful world!…yes life is grand
Friday I went to Fargo with Ashley for a movie. Wicker Park…wait..nm I already wrote this…
Sat., I left for Williston..sorta..after we figured everything out. Sarah B, Sarah J, and Nate came through Hillsboro on there way back from St. Paul. Lillie, Kendra, and I headed with them to GF for the Blindside concert…very good…the other bands were good too…esp. the Kick or something…then that night we stayed at Matt’s in GF, a friend of theirs.
Sunday morning..we slept in and then woke up and played mariokart for a couple hours. DOUBLE DASH ON GAME CUBE…Sarah J and I ROCKED EVERYONE’S WORLDS! Then we ate and finally headed to Willy. Good roadtrip…ran through some corn…all that great stuff.
Arrival in Williston around 8:45. Drive-in movies! OMG…I’ve waited so long for that!…Shrek 2 and Anchorman…laying under the stars at the drive-in!…WITH MY WILLISTON FRIENDS…doesn’t get much better…and then we bought jone’s sodas!
Off to Nates watched movies. BIODOME…I reccommend watching it at 6 am..def. has a crazy effect. Headed back to Sarah B’s around 7:30, slept until 10:30 and then headed home at 11:30 for v-ball practice. Yes. I hope you had the time of your life!…(cuz I did) THANKS SARAH AND SARAH AND ALL OF YOU WHO WERE A PART OF OUR TRIP!

Hump it…hump it good!


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