Hey Dudes!!
Well its been a good week. Thursday was another big game against Kindred “Kristen…GET IT ON THE FLO!”…”No frustration in the nation!”….man that was such a fun match. It went into 5 games but we pulled it off! OUR FIRST WIN…THERE FIRST LOSS….yes! Can’t even explain the feeling…it has to be you…and yes I’m sure many of you have felt it…but its amazing! ha..anywho…then we ate taco bell and got home around 11:30.

Friday, tonight we had our team dinner after practice..mmm good! Out at Jess’s and then we watched some Eurotrip! “would you like to see my itinerary?”..”would you like to see my balls?” We have a v-ball tourney tommorrow in Casselton. Leavin’ at 7:30! So I’m off like a prom dress…er something…no no I didn’t really mean that!


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