Wow. I can’t remember what has happened since I last wrote. I’m bad at thinking. But things have been goin good. For v-ball we are 4-1 in the District and seated 1st! Thats pretty cool. We are having a prospect party for Rainbow on Monday I think! yippee. Rainbow rocks. Its been nice outside, so that makes me happy. After our tourney on Sat. I stopped by A-macs and saw some people there. Kylee, Lane, Sean, Tyrell, Justin and some Hillsboro people! Good times I love those people…but then I had to bust out because Krista, Lillie, Whitter, Jess and I went to The Frist Daughter. Pretty good, we made fun of it ha but still cute. Homecoming is soon and the parade and everything is coming together! Fun!

My baby takes the morning train…she works from 9-5 and then…she takes the train back home again to watch the…HILLSBORO BURRO VOLLEYBALL TEAM…THE BEST FREAKIN TEAM IN ALL THE LAND!…whoo hoo! hehe right guys

Hump It…take care everyone!


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  1. Umm and everyone reading this.. yes, katy is nominated for homecoming queen.. hehe my best friend, nomintated, thats right.. its because of me! haha yeah right, she deserves it and i love you, just keep lovin me even though you’re cooler jk katy.. lol buh bye babe!

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