So the parade kicked you know what.  That’s all I can really say.  The senior float was amazing.  It hit me that I’m a senior and can I hear a HELL YEAH!  Jeez tho I love my class its crazy how things bring ya together.  yes we had a semi trailor for our float and it was HUGE and hawaiian and music cranking….ahh I can’t even explain it!  Then we had the game which we won…yes we won…the dance was pretty cool too.  You’d think the fun was over….no sir.  We head to Jess’s for her b-day slumber party…lots of the seniors came.  Whit was my snuggle buddy  Got a couple hours of sleep..left around 9:30.  Came home did some housework.  Got ready..Wade came around 3 I’d say and so we chilled with Paul.  Mariokarted it out.  Headed to fargo to meet up for Seans b-day.  Yeah def. some pimpage going on in my car.  Lillie, Ashley, Ashley, Megan, Paul, Wade, and I.  hmm..went to the mall and met up with Sean.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!  Ate at Paradiso for like 2 hours.  YAY…TOM IS THE EFFING MAN!  We met some cool people Kylee and I.  The tech club I think.  Happy Birthday to Chris too wherever ya are! 

Headed to timmels for a bonfire.  Hmm…not sure why they call him that but its pretty stellar is ya ask me.  Thanks for having us over Tyrell!  Yeah def. segregation…but cool beans still!  Saw some crazy pictures of Lane Lex Sean and Timmel.  Those guys make me laugh I love it!  Lex you are hilarious man…Came home and watched some goldmember.  Justin rode home with us too.  He’s a cool guy.  He can hit the high notes.  We had our own personal n’sync concert on the way home…and eminem…hmm…yes

Today I taught sunday school and had a Rainbow meeting.  Prospect Party tommorrow.  Yes!  Have a good one.


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  1. lol my nickname timmel lets just say one of my friends studered or w/e and that came out instead of tyrel and sence he’s like one of the most popular kids in my shcool it stuck, and yea im thinkin we shodul have another bonfire and yea.. i might not no u but u no ur invited

  2. KATY!!!!… Last night was so hilerious.. That was awesome we did that, Finally someone who I can do crazy stuff like that with!!! wow that was so awesome!!  Chris.. quiet the guy, he probably is the guy to go after in the tech club!!  We DEFINATLY have to hang out again sometime soon!!!

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