So we have quite a few new girls to join rainbow….yeehaw! Wow I am stoked…ha er something. We also have a halloween party on sat. with fargo rainbow which will kick. And its Ashley Jones’s b-day on Thurs. so I am headin to paradiso to celebrate with her! CAN’T WAIT!..
And I think Lane and Sean are coming up here maybe on Fri. so that will be a PARTY!
Everything has been good, except for this huge english test but thats ok because its a 3 day week and that makes up for everything…except for acts on sat. I got some awesome homecoming pics back so if I can figure that out I will put them on here. One of our ENTIRE class on our float…yeah thats pretty awesome I think.

Anywho…game tonight…so I”m headin out..Take care.



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  1. whoot! that is exciting. so whats up with you and nate!? anything?! me and sarah b are thinking about going to fargo one of these weekends, we’ll have to call you up!

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