So Wed. night=  Trevors f-ball game…YEAH T DOGG!…pretty sure lillie’s car broke down ha…good time…so we chilled…trev helped us…then on the way home the lights went off and we were driving in pitch black..ahh(for some reason I don’t think that is safe)  then the car slowly died and we rolled to the side of the road which we couldn’t really see.  We didn’t quite get over far enough and there were no lights to shine so we got out and in the ditch in case a car didn’t see it, but it was alright and Jim came and saved us…

Thursday= sleep in a bit…hair appointment…shoppin…and then the fun begins.  I met up with britt and lillie and we went to paradiso for ashleys birthday!  YIPPEE….Rainbow Sisters all the way ha!  She had her fam. and a bunch of friends there too yay…Tom squareds rule!..AND THE WAITOR TOM = TOM CUBED! 

Then off to a movie with britt and lil and we met up with lane and some of his buds.  Saw Friday Night Lights again…I think I actually had some more tears the 2nd time around. 

Friday= Drama  Chris then came over for our study group for acts…ha…yeah we watched family feud and night at the roxbury.  Then I was just lazy all day and stuff…cuz thats what the act book says to do the day before ya take them…

Sat.= ACT’s…and all that jazz…came home and had v-ball prac. why?…good question…districts in Northern Cass on thurs. at 6:30!!  

Sat. night rocked…we have a rainbow halloween party in fargo!…carved pumkins…bobbed for apples…just hung out and talked…yippee!…happy times…and Ashley M. and Kendra came so they best be joinin’!!  and Sunday I just taught Sunday school and had my Grandpa’s birthday party.  Happy Brithday Grandpa!  He’s the man.

uffta…have a good one  p.s. if someone could tell me how to put pics on here that would be super.


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  1. If you can get a photo bucket account it will give you a web address for the picture then you just copy paste it into the picture place. 
    I had a BLAST on Thursday and Saturday!  See you at the next meeting!

  2. when you post or edit an entry, there’s a little picture button up by the smiley face button in the tools.  Then you just type the URL of the picture, (like for example) Your image has to be on the internet for it to work, so if it’s just on your computer it won’t work.  If you’re unsure of the address, just right click on a picture and go to properties.  The address will be there.

  3. Hey Katy, I was so happy to see you there tonight!! I still feel bad about the key!!…. At least you got to go to Taco Bell!!… well hope you have a good night..!!! and good luck tomorrow!~

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