Wa Wa Wa…got out of that one didn’t we…biology can suck it!….LISBON TOMMORROW….in milnor

Oh man the sunset was so pretty tonight.  Hope ya got to see it.

I admire Britt.  YOU HAVE SUCH A HOTT BOD.

So I barely went to school this week.  WHOO.  American Tears is a really pretty song…just puts a person in the mood…kinda like nasty girls…ha….jp

So I talked to Sarah J.  hee hee…what a pimpess..We are going to visit soon.  Take care for now. 


S.O.D- American Tears and Hey Now by FM Static


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  1. hehe! i was telling everyone to look at the sunset today at work! and every one ignored me! but it makes me feel better that you and i were looking at it. together but seperate.. kindof like our masta plan!

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