Well v-ball season is over…but we worked our little behinnies off.  It was fun…and now I have time to do ….whatever…err…untill I go to cheerleading in a couple days…WHAT THE CRAP?!…but boys b-ball will kick this year!  State would be pretty effing cool…plus our percussion ensemble gets to walk through that cool thing…MORE COWBELL !!

Going to Williston this weekend…Sarah J. and I have some master plans …and the beautiful Sarah B. and I also have a date!  Yay!!…then I guess were goin to some formal thing there too.  hmm should be a good time if ya ask me!

3 days of school…wait 2…dramarama on Wed. in Valley City….its an award-winning play if you ask me…wait…whats it called again?…yep it should be good…2 weeks of prac. means we are pros right?!  ahh good times…

Vikings play tonight!  But now I’m off to drama practice  

Hope everyone is having a super week.  Feel free to call whenever…uhhh yea…bye



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  1. Hell yes for the percusion ensemble, and if Katy Larson asks for more Cow Bell, well then dang it I think we should give her more cowbell.

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