so this weekend was lots of fun. Left for williston on Thurs. and got there that night. Stayed until sunday…it was great…saw Sarah, Sarah, Lacey, Chyrstie, Katy C., Nate, Josh, and met lots of other people. It was an action-packed weekend. Sarah J. and I had some emotional moments…but everything turned out in the end We went to a couple movies…did some shopping…chilled at scott and laceys. Thanks to them for having us all over…and thanks to Sarah B. for letting us stay and everyone for making time for us!  Hauling wood was exhilerating.
I saw the Chapelle Show for the first time…oh man thats good stuff. Def. was a happy night…
THEN, to top it all off, the day after I got home, I talked to Sarah J. and she made my day ahhh next weekend is going to be so much fun. I’m going to formal with Corey who I just met so thats cool beans. But now I’m heading to the Drama Party..WHOOT!!! (how cool is that?!)


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