Christmas is in the air

So the game was a hit.  The girls shut out casselton in the first quarter and ended up winning by about 30!  Nice work.  I got to see Kylee and Sean at the game too so thats double the pleasure…double the fun…er something! uff PLUS..I rode to the game with Heidi and Whitney…Oh how I love them.  Whitney and I did some reminiscing.  Our N’Sync obsession days are back…dirty pop! 

Cheerleading rocked my after school hours!  SUPERSTAR!

Nate and his family are going to be in Grand Forks this weekend.  Yay!  I’m excited but kinda nervous about that too.  They are going to some hockey games.  Cool beans.  THEN, next weekend is Rainbow weekend! I like rainbows. 

Hope everyone is keepin it rollin with the homies as much as I am. 

baby bye bye bye  


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  1. Hey Katy Lady! Yes, I did finally get xanga…although i have to give props to Matt for helping me out. I’m kinda dumb on that sorta thing! But ya check me out sometime! Love ya!

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