Basket Case

That’s such a strange idiom, but sometimes I really do believe that I am a basket case of emotions.  If you had been a bug on the wall with me throughout this week, you would really wonder what in the world was going through my mind.  One day my world was ending (mellow dramatic…you need to know I am mellow dramatic) and the next, I was singing and dancing in the coffee shop.  No I do not have a new mental disorder.  Actually, what I would credit as to the cause of such demeanor is the fact that I am woman.

Now if you are a woman and think this is unfair, hear me out.  We are not all the same.  We do not fit into a box.  Nobody fits into a box.  I am not trying to say otherwise.

If you are a man and think this is ridiculous and makes no sense…well, I won’t say much to that either. (nor do I need to)  You are not a woman nor will you ever be a woman.  Enough said.  I know you have emotions and feel them, too.  I am not trying to say otherwise.

I don’t have any scientific or psychological data to back up my statement.  I’m sure someone does, or maybe even has a worthy defense against my belief.  However, I am a woman and this is what I find to be true…sometimes…well at least comparing me to men…ha.

Before I say more, I’d love to know what your thoughts are on the matter.  What do you think…have you seen many “basket case” men?  Why do women at least seem to be more emotionally up and down?  Is there a purpose in our emotional differences?

In the future, I may like to do a more in-depth analysis and perhaps have a series on the differences between men and women.  I’d clearly need to study the topic more.  I could ask some men in my life to help me out and see what others have to say on this topic.  Ooooh the topics of men and women, relationships, and gender roles intrigue and excite me!!  But in the meantime, what do you think?

I am so very thankful for the ability God has given me to feel and experience my emotions to the degree that he does.  SO thankful I could just cry!!! (not really)  However, I’m on a journey of discovering what it looks like to be in control of my emotions, rather than giving them control over me.  This is difficult.  (just ask my significant other)  I’ll let you know how this is going in the future.



matching sock monkey hats from my mama

I’m also currently processing whether or not I’m going to do a series of posts regarding my experiences with depression.  I’ve gone through (and am still going through) quite a journey of healing and think it may be worth sharing.


4 thoughts on “Basket Case”

    1. I love that he’s still planning to do that! I remember you saying you’d have to see, since he is emotional. Emotions and genders are so interesting. I suppose there are always so many exceptions to a supposed “norm.” I miss your blogging!

  1. :) The short answer is that is how God created us to be. Men and women are supposed to be equal opposites. They have the same chromosome, with the exception of the Y, because they came from one flesh, Adam. So each has the potential to express themselves in either manner, however, they generally express themselves a certain way according to their gender. There is a biological, agricultural, atomical, and linguistical reason for this but I’ll have to look it up again before I can do justice explaining it; it has slipped my mind.

  2. Whether you believe that women and men evolved this way or were created this way, it makes sense.

    Historically, men have had to endure the hardships of the hunt and war. One of my sons is a Marine, and a big part of his training was to learn to suppress his emotions. You can’t let your emotions rule the day when you must kill your enemy, or when he is about to kill you. You have to be able to obey the order to take that hill without getting all emotional about dying in the process.

    Women, on the other hand, have had more of a nurturing role. They must be sensitive so they can pick up on the emotional needs of their children. They must be compassionate because they sacrifice their lives to build the lives of others.

    The distinction in gender roles is no longer as extreme as it used to be, but those inbred characteristics have stayed with us.

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