In loving memory…

Last year I lived in France as a missionary.  Tomorrow I am going back.  I’m taking students on what is called a “vision trip.”  There are SO many things I’m looking forward to…seeing some of my best friends currently serving there, seeing my best French friends, pain au chocolat, bringing people who have never been before (including my significant other)…

I’m so thankful to return to a place that was once my home.  Montpellier is a beautiful city.  I also went through some very difficult times there and I think this trip could bring some healing, and if not closure, maybe it will spark something in me to return.  I want to be open and ready for anything.

While I was serving as a longer-term missionary, we had a group of students come, just like our group will be doing.  During that week, just for fun, we all helped create a music video.  I thought I’d share it in memory of last year’s vision trip in Montpellier, France.

The master mind, director, creator, and editor of the entire video:  Jesse Mast (my former teammate)

The producers of the song:  Jesse Mast and Chris Hirsch (former teammates)   The Singer:  Jesse Mast

The dance choreography:  Beth Ayash (best friend and former teammate)

Main actor:  Spencer Haka (former teammate)     Dancers:  rest of my team, French friends, and Americans visiting



2 thoughts on “In loving memory…”

  1. Going back is always a trip. Hard to put into words. I think you’ll be amazed at how at peace you will be and how big you will smile. In a lot of ways you will feel like you are floating through a pleasant dream. Like I told your significant other, just remember to breathe. But for you, it will be for a different reason.

  2. Joshua, you were surprisingly very correct in your predictions of how returning would be for me. I had some moments where I literally thought, woah, this is what Joshua said! :)

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