Today I am thankful for… (and should I not buy a bunny?)

Pretzel Crisps.  “They’re the best part of the pretzel–all the flavor and crunch you love…”  I actually buy into these things….YUM!  (I’m eating them while I type and am having a hard time stopping….)

Phyllis.  She is my DEAR friend who lives in the nursing home where I work.  She comes almost daily to get a cup of coffee, insists on making me keep a dollar for myself, and keeps me company.  She tells me that I am hilarious, special, and that if she hadn’t broken a bunch of bones, she wouldn’t live there and wouldn’t have gotten to meet me, which would make her sad.  Little does she know that I am BLESSED TO TEARS because she is SO incredibly dear to me.  She is a crazy beautiful gift to me.

Cute little bunnies.  I almost bought one yesterday.  Unfortunately (or fortunately…depends on who you are) not everyone in my life is as impulsive as I am…like my roommate, who suggested I get a FISH. (I’ll pass)
Here is a picture of what the little guy I wanted looked like.

I was thinking I’d name him Lionel. (Lion for short)

(Ok I just closed the pretzel crisp bag and threw it away from myself…)

I know there are more things I could list.  Like the fact that something has happened and I must choose to trust God…like for real this time.  Trusting Him is so much easier in theory.  HA.  So I guess I’m thankful for REAL LIFE stuff so that I can actually “try out” trusting Him.  I’m sure it’ll be better than how trusting in myself usually goes. (duhhhhh Katy)

What are you thankful for?  Don’t you think I should buy a bunny??  Why or why not? (fyi…I am much more interested in why you are FOR this…ok?) :)


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