you don’t have to feel like a waste of space

You’re original, cannot be replaced.  -Katy Perry

I love when I listen to the radio and hear TRUTH unexpectedly.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been around more than one person that has said something like: “They are just a piece of sh**,” or “he is just a good for nothing waste of a person”…

I’m sure you’ve heard people say things like this like it’s nothin.  Lately, nothing saddens me more….  These words make me want to punch something. (thankfully not someone)

What scares me is that I probably used to think this way.  (maybe sometimes still do?)  I’ve probably heard people saying these words all throughout my life and thought nothing of it.

Maybe the reason I’m so passionate about this currently is because in the past year and a half, I became the person who believed that I’m worthless and of no value.  I was convinced of it.  And you know what happened to me during this time?  I stopped taking care of myself, didn’t see a reason to get out of bed, shower, eat, be around people, live…

I’m convinced that a large part of the problem in our world is based on us believing lies.  A person only lives like they are worthless, because deep down in their core, they believe it.  Their lifestyle is then perpetuated by others believing and reaffirming those lies.

I personally know people who struggle with addictions, have lost their license, their job, spent time in jail, etc…  People that are close to me and that I love.  I also know that it would be pretty easy for someone to look at them and say things I don’t even want to type again.

What if, instead, we could speak words of truth and of hope and of love into that person’s life.  You probably know someone…someone whose life has fallen apart, who is at the end of themselves, who just can’t seem to kick the addiction or whatever…think about them for a moment.  Or maybe you are that person.  Think about the power in these words spoken to you or to someone you know:

You ____________ are valuable.  You have worth.  You are loved.  Your value has nothing to do with your actions and what you’ve done or haven’t done.  Just you BEING is what gives you value.  Even if you don’t believe in yourself, I believe in you.”

The reason we have innate worth is because we were made by God, in his image.  Even if a person doesn’t know God and know this truth, they still have value and they still are loved.  I do believe this is best grasped when a person gets to know Jesus, because what demonstrates God’s love more than Jesus’ life and sacrifice?  God could have let us die, but instead he said, I WANT YOU AND I CHOOSE YOU.  But whether you know and believe this or not, it’s still for you!  It still speaks to YOUR worth!

You have intrinsic worth…the person you thought of… they have intrinsic worth.  I wonder what a difference it would make if they only knew… if you only knew.  I mean really really knew that it’s true.  


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