who will love you for you?

I’m doing something I never do.  Some of you may or may not know that every now and then I enjoy playing the guitar and singing.  This is something I like to do with myself (and God) when no one else is around.  I actually enjoy singing more than the guitar part, but that’s beside the point.  I know I’m not uber-gifted in music, but it is a way I enjoy connecting with God sometimes.  I’ve realized that I’ve been falsely humble, when what I actually feel is fear of what people will think/how they’ll judge me, which keeps me from wanting people to ever listen.  Since God is freeing me so that I don’t have care what others think, I decided I may as well share a song.

The song is “What Love Really Mean,” by JJ Heller.

**it’s a funky key, so I had to switch octaves sometimes, because I don’t have a capo.  My guitar is also missing a string. :)

All that aside, the reason I want to share this song is because it speaks a message that I wish I could speak to the heart of every single person in the world.  I hope that it might touch someone’s heart the way it does mine every time I hear it.

I love the weekend.  I love this season of life where I’m learning to let myself rest and just “be.”  I’m thinking I’ll try sushi this weekend.  What are you thankful for in life currently?  Any cool weekend plans?

oh, and here is a link to JJ Heller’s official music vid of the song, which I highly suggest:




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