One in seven billion.

I enjoy having someone like Casey Hayden write for this blog every now and then, because he can share things totally unique to what I’ve been sharing.  As much as I’d like to know what people want to read about and then write accordingly, it makes more sense for me to write from the reality of where my life is at present.  That’s what I enjoy most…putting into word the things I’m walking through, whether it encourages another now or maybe sometime down the road.  I’m an external processor, and this blog is a great avenue for that (and hopefully gives people in my life a break from my ranting in their ears).  :)

There’s been a theme in my writing, which you may have noticed…authenticity, freedom, healing…  This will probably continue, because God’s got me on this new pathway and I’ve got a ways to go.  The last 3…

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