a reblogged post: “The Kingdom of Loss”

I’ve become a bit of a blog junkie. Actually, I’m just discovering how much I enjoy reading, especially things that challenge me in how I live. I REALLY connected with what this guy says in his post, “The Kingdom of Loss.”  Maybe you did, too??



Jared Byas

There are times when I get glimpses of the Kingdom. Those times when people stop arguing about the abstract and the unavailable and begin to see each other, in all our concrete messiness, our boring now-ness. Unfortunately, those Kingdom moments are often caused by tragedy. For just ten minutes, when we hear that someone has lost their spouse, child, or best friend, we forget about differences and are united in our humanity.

I often wonder why we don’t seem to get it, why we need difficult life circumstances to jar us back into humility and back toward the sobering reality that at the end of the day we are all just human beings who need to feel connected to other human beings. Why does my stance on any number of issues, be they religious, political, etc., matter when nothing is wrong but seem to lose significance when either of us…

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