thank you Darrell

Rarely do I have stories to share of the unlikely ways Jesus shows up during my day.  I wonder, if my heart were on and in tune more often, if this wouldn’t be a more regular occurrence.  I’d like to believe that.

Yesterday, on my way home from an appointment,  my car completely turned off at a stop light off a very busy intersection.  I re-started it, thinking it must be that I was out of gas.  (my gas light had recently come on…this is not uncommon for me)  It stopped running again.  As I kept trying to start it I noticed it was really squealing.  I finally got it going long enough to move a bit into a left turn lane, hoping I could get into the gas station to my left.  This would be a challenge, as it would be a left turn without a stop light and it was rush hour.  I had to hope my car would start at just the right time, when there would be no traffic, so I could floor it into the gas station lot.  This all worked out and I barely rolled into a spot and filled with gas.

When I turned my car on and it continued to squeal with smoke coming out of the hood, I saw Darrell coming my way.  Darrell was a very big, burly, tattooed guy.  I didn’t know Darrell until yesterday.  He asked to look under the hood and quickly determined what the problem was and said I could probably talk to a mechanic inside.

Expecting him to leave, I noticed he was walking with me inside.  I figured he must want to buy something.  He approached the counter with me and proceeded to explain what was going on with my car to the man behind the counter.  He then came back outside with me and pushed my car to exactly where it needed to be to avoid being towed (which was a good distance).  Ten minutes after meeting Darrell, I can’t tell you how protected and cared for I felt.  (the fact that he could scare the shit out of anyone may have helped)

But the entire time, it was as if none of this was any inconvenience to him at all.  Like he wouldn’t have it any other way…he was with me until he had done all he could.  Is this Jesus’ heart towards me?  Towards us?  My thanks didn’t seem enough, but at the same time, I knew Darrell expected nothing of me but to let him serve and take care of me.

My brief encounter I had with Darrell was significant…something sacred…a reminder of how beautiful humanity can be.   A reminder that Jesus can appear in the strangest of places.  In the face of a stranger.  

I met Jesus yesterday.  I met Jesus when I met a man named Darrell.  


One thought on “thank you Darrell”

  1. similar thing happened to me on Tuesday… God gave me a good samaritan named Jeremy to help me zip tie and tape my bumper on in an empty target parking lot. crazy. God is so cool.

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