Kierkegaard on individuality

The small minded individual has never had the courage of this God-pleasing venturesomeness of humility and pride: before God to be oneself — for the accent rests upon “before God,” since this is the source and origin of all individuality. He who has dared to do this has authentic individuality and has come to know that God has already given it to him; in the same sense he believes completely in the individuality of every single person. To have individuality is to believe in the individuality of every other person; for individuality is not mine but is God’s gift by which he gives me being and gives being to all, gives being to everything. It is simply the inexhaustible swell of goodness in the goodness of God that he, the almighty, nevertheless gives in such a way that the receiver obtains individuality, that He who created out of nothing nevertheless creates individuality, so that creation over against him shall not be nothing, although it is taken from nothing and is nothing and yet becomes individuality.

Søren Aabye Kierkegaard, The Works of Love

THIS.  Isn’t it beautiful?  My friend, who knows me well, emailed this to me and said, “Reading Kirkegaard and thought of you.”  I love this.

If you read it, how did it make you feel?




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