Here’s an old post I’m rebloggin’. Maybe you missed it.
I hope you see beauty in your weekend. Me…I’ll be reading the Hobbit and watching plenty of LOTR. Much love, Katy

One in seven billion.

You’re original, cannot be replaced.  -Katy Perry

I love when I listen to the radio and hear TRUTH unexpectedly.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been around more than one person that has said something like: “They are just a piece of sh**,” or “he is just a good for nothing waste of a person”…

I’m sure you’ve heard people say things like this like it’s nothin.  Lately, nothing saddens me more….  These words make me want to punch something. (thankfully not someone)

What scares me is that I probably used to think this way.  (maybe sometimes still do?)  I’ve probably heard people saying these words all throughout my life and thought nothing of it.

Maybe the reason I’m so passionate about this currently is because in the past year and a half, I became the person who believed that I’m worthless and of no value.  I was…

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