when my words fail me

shooting 2

It’s difficult for me to put anything into words in response to the recent tragedy in Newtown, Ct., so I’d like to share an excerpt from Sarah Bessey’s blog.  I appreciate how real and raw she is in her writing.

We need pragmatists. And we need prophets.We need policy

makers. And we need poets. We need silence. And we need anger.

Lament, go ahead, and I need someone to say it, too, just once, once out loud:

what in the actual fuck has happened here? And no one

can answer me, insufficient despairing.

In the night, we are the borderless chorus of mamas,

we need a song, and so we hum old lullabies for empty beds with old Tinkerbell sheets.

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With love and sorrow in my heart,    Katy



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