Merry Christmas everybody. (or Happy Tuesday if you don’t observe Christmas) I do hope that you’re finding beauty in your days. I’m reblogging an old post that discusses a little bit of my life journey, filled with identity struggles, depression, and a new path toward healing.
Cheers, Katy

One in seven billion.

I’d carefully climbed and mastered the mountain called “self-creation” for years and years.  It was familiar.  It was routine.  In fact…it was my life.  I didn’t know I was on a mountain, because it was all I’d ever known.   Eventually, I’d reached a peak, and this peak seemed to be one of purpose and direction.  Having reached it filled me with a sense of identity and worth.  But after some time of relishing in this discovery, something happened.  I began to slip.  For a while the decline wasn’t too intense…I could still see the top and grabbed onto whatever I might to keep from falling further.  But eventually, this slip was unlike other falls I’d taken.  I wasn’t sure why.  I didn’t see this coming.  I tried to cry for help, but what would I say?  What would they think?  What was happening?…I thought I knew what I was…

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