War Photographer: Sarah Bessey

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 In light of my last post, I feel like on an even deeper level, this blog by Sarah Bessey puts into words what is so heavy on my heart. This is a lot to chew on, but my heart aches at the ways in which I have cheapened my past friendships and relationships by degrading them to objects to fit an agenda, rather than protecting them as something sacred and beautiful. Please God may I never do this to my heart or the heart of another again.  Because our hearts and relationships are to be cherished and honored.  I beg You for grace in this. Amen.

D.L. Mayfield

Whenever I just want to be done with the internets for good, Sarah Bessey is what changes my mind. She has been doing her own thing in her corner for a long time, and her writing is beautiful, aching, honest, and more poetry than prose. She is supremely talented at both being an advocate AND creating safe spaces for dialogue–all the while moving you to tears. I am more than honored that she is sharing in this space today. What she writes here is very near and dear to my heart, and is a game changer for describing how we ought not use others for our own purposes. Please check out her gorgeous blog (and get ready for her book, which i can’t wait to get my greedy little hands on). 




In which I am (not much of) a war photographer

It’s been more than ten…

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