dreaming (some thoughts on love, community, the church, etc.)

I feel like this is going to be a sort of a whirl-wind of words…I’ve got lots of thoughts that have been inspired by a blog post and some conversation I’ve had, and I want to get the thoughts out while they are ripe!  There’s a good chance that I’ll say some things that do not totally make sense and give permission for push back in a respectful way, so that perhaps we can have civil discussion about these things…

..Yeah?  Because I DO think that is how we grow as humans..coming to the table with our different ways of seeing and understanding.  Looking at something from our different angles and therefore seeing the same thing but in unique ways.  Oh but then to be able to sit side by side, not one above another, offering our thoughts, our wisdom, knowledge, and experience.  And knowing there will be things we will just never agree on..never see in the same way, which really is okay.  But then..just maybe, in humility and with open hands and hearts, we can allow some of what we see to be gently molded and formed, as the Spirit leads, all for the purpose of expanding and growing our hearts so that they may be filled even more with a deeper love and understanding of God’s wildly loving heart towards us..toward all of humanity.

And however idealistic this may sound (yes, I believe idealism is a lovely part of my personality that I try to embrace), I believe it’s beautiful and possible and it is my dream to be able to participate in THIS…this kind of being with one another...this kind of messy, raw, engaging community.  Could this be a snapshot of the church?…The church, which really is just a community of broken people, being healed and fashioned together to form one beautiful community, with Jesus as the head.
BUT Jesus as the “head” and as leader is nothing like what it means to “lead” according to the world (and unfortunately to many christians, too).

…Jesus led by becoming a servant, by giving up his rights, giving even his life for the sake of humanity…and HE is our example…THIS is how we are to *be* in this world, for all people…all of humanity (just like him)…and even those with whom we disagree theologically (imagine).  …Living and moving and breathing together to usher His Divine Kingdom into this twisted and hurting world, which is an upside down kingdom of love and sacrifice and service and grace and justice and mercy and peace and hope.

feet washing

Wow…all of that.

And aren’t those the things we can all agree on?  Aren’t those, at least, the things we can come together on, join hands, open our arms, and embrace each other and the world with?
Love, sacrifice, service, grace, justice, mercy, peace, hope.  Yes.

This is long enough, which means I’ll probably wait and share my others thoughts later.   My first paragraph turned the entire post into something else.  Love how that happens.
I hope that whether or not you trust in Jesus, that perhaps today you would sense a kind of deep love for you, a perfect love that that could only come from The Divine.



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