what if it’s all sacred

I generally have said that my “relationship with God” started sometime during my first year of college (7 ish years ago).  I do still think that something very significant…very real…very convincing happened during that time.  But I see it all through such different lenses now than I did in the past.  I no longer think that I experienced God… experienced the sacred for the first time that year.
Rather, I believe that perhaps I was finally able to truly see.  To see the sacred.  Which had always been there… had been around me all along…everywhere.  Something, if only in the smallest and faintest way, woke up inside of me.  Do I think it had to do with God?  Absolutely.  Do I believe Jesus in all of his paradoxical splendor of perfect divinity and humanity was involved?  I do. In fact, I believe he is the reason… the reason it all is sacred.  

“I’m convinced–Jesus convinced me!–that everything as it is in itself is holy.  We, of course, by the way we treat it or talk about it,  can contaminate it.” (romans 14:14, msg)

I’m no theologian, but simply speaking, I just cannot believe that my life suddenly went from being secular to being spiritual.  Because I’m not sure I believe that secular exists.  Because I think this idea is gnostic.  And because if I believe in a creator, which for me consists of father, son, and spirit… well I certainly do not believe The Divine is in the habit of creating that which is secular, plain, and common-place.
So I must conclude that what happened in my life was my heart began to taste and know the reality that life is spiritual…it always has been! It’s all spiritual.  That nothing is invaluable.  That it’s all sacred…the dwelling place of The Divine.  And now I get to experience and interact with this incredible beauty and with it’s maker…my maker… because now I know…

So here is what I’m wondering.  Could it be that life and all of the things that it consists of are holy and good, as they were created by The Divine.  And that, rather than there being a split between that which is secular and that which is sacred, the issue is in us and in our freedom of will and in our treating life as other than sacred…as other than it truly is?  Contaminating the sacred and making it other than it is?
Could it be that rather than our lives flipping a switch from secular to spiritual, what we need is only to accept the (already available) invitation to enter into a way of living which works.  Which works because it’s how things were made to work.  A life of becoming more and more aware of reality… and reality is that all is sacred (even little ole’ me and you)… and a life that treats the sacred as sacred… as a design of the maker of the heavens and earth.. ??

I’m not trying to be all confusing or just make something up because it sounds pretty.  But really, if this is true, what would it mean?  What would it look like for us to live this way?  To live as though everything is beautifully divine and then to treat life and everything involved with the kind of kindness and care and protection and love that would restore and preserve it’s sacred-ness?  And the beautifully paradoxical man…in whom humanity and divinity became one …is this not  how he lived?

Right now, I’m thinking that being sacred means being connected to The Divine…connected to that which created it.. to that which gives it it’s divine-ness.  When I think of treating something as sacred, I think of fighting off and standing against anything that could possibly hurt, harm, destroy, contaminate, or take value away from the sacred-ness of the thing…the God-connectedness of the thing.  Was this not THE life of Jesus ??

to be cont’d…

feel free to share thoughts, as always.



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