why were you giving in the first place??


update:  It sounds like World Vision has reversed their decision to employ married homosexuals.  As if this could get any uglier.  My heart breaks that there will be people who feel they’ve *won.*  Quite frankly, I do not see who is winning at all.  And when did it become about winning?  How did Christians decide they should be a part of what are known as *culture wars* in the first place?  I’m not sure who my heart aches for the most.  The children and families who were so quickly dropped because of something that had nothing to do with them.  The LGBT community, once again being flung around and put through the wringer… again and again.  Or for the evangelicals in this issue, feeling as though their duty to doing what they believe is morally right based on their Biblical interpretation takes precedence over the child and family in need, whom they felt previously called to support in Jesus’ name.  This seems like self-inflicted bondage and legalism to me, when I believe Jesus offers us freedom from this very way of doing life!  I’m glad Jesus’ heart aches for all and can offer love and comfort infinitely more than mine can.

Someone please tell me what is to be made of this?? Just think with me. Evangelicals who are upset about World Vision employing homosexuals have decided that after pulling their sponsorships, they can just switch to an organization whose values they line up with…with the mentality that they ultimately aren’t “abandoning” children or letting them starve…because they will find new ones to sponsor.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN…THE FAMILIES….THAT THEY ARE IN FACT ABANDONING??!! They are real people. Real. People. Real people in need. Real people who have been able to LIVE because of their sponsors. Real people who look forward to receiving letters from their sponsors. How does supporting a different family change the fact that they are leaving another?? IT DOES NOT!! I’m not sure anything is more contrary to the gospel.

The gospel message of Jesus that says… “I choose you. I love you. I will care for you more than myself. I will freely give you my gift of love. I will clothe you when you are naked and feed you when you are hungry. I will love you and include you and I will NOT abandon you. I will even LAY DOWN MY LIFE for you.”

So what are the motives here in the first place? Are people being seen as people? If one can simply drop one…and make up for it by helping another…does this not seem to be more about the giver “doing the right thing” than it is about the worth and value and dignity of the individual…the neighbor… they are claiming to love?

This makes me see the need to check my own heart. When I give. When I serve. When I love. Who and what is it about? Is it about my ego being boosted? Is it..(unconsciously, of course) about me being able to *check a box* making sure my list of Christianly things has been completed? Do I do it because I have to…need to…or because I want to? Because I truly believe people are worthy of love…because we were created to be loved. Created to be loved by a God, who IS love, and made to love him and one another.

It seems to me that the ability to pull one’s support in reaction to something…something that is another issue in and of itself (the treatment of LGBT people)…that the ability to just stop helping a family in need so quickly…really reveals and sheds light on our hearts and motives.  This is quite sobering for me. What do you think??

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