Ferguson, systematic racism, and a European American Christian problem

**this is a facebook post I wrote following the tragic shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO in August of 2014. **

PEOPLE, WHITE CHRISTIANS ESPECIALLY, PLEASE CONSIDER. This is not about me. This is about my brothers and sisters who are STILL being oppressed…this is about injustice…and far too often do we see Christians defending this injustice (or maybe worse, ignoring). Defending injustice? So tragic. I feel sick and confused and sorrowful…and then I numb myself…and then there is rage…I”m a mess as I read about what is going on in Ferguson. If you are not aware, our country is run by systems that are racist. This is not my OPINION…this is REALITY. And don’t we DARE say… “but look at the news…look at the people looting…” Yes there was some looting that took place…that is NOT the point. This argument is FALLACIOUS. It goes like this: “you say we did something wrong, but look SO DID THEY.” Your point?? AND THE MEDIA generally speaking, is not only biased, but set up systematically in favor of the majority. Did you know? So if we don’t at least consider…with everything the media tells us… that “this is perhaps coming from a biased white american perspective, which generally is acting to make the white men look okay, so we can keep the peace and not shake up our systems that are working for us (white folks)”…we’re being deceived. If we can’t SEE how much of a problem we have…than I fear we are part of it. I am tired of being deceived and ignorant. But I”m also tired of feeling like I need to see my fellow white brother/sister as an enemy. I feel messed up the more I learn and understand what I’ve been a part of. The enemy here is much greater…a cosmic force of evil that we can FIGHT rather than partner with. WE CAN. And if you (or I) claim to follow Christ…if we claim that he is our hope and our example of what it means to live rightly, defend and care for the poor and oppressed, fight injustice, and love love LOVE… and are aware of these issues but keep quiet (or defend them, Lord have mercy), than how can we claim him? I just wonder. We can’t fight injustices that we refuse to see. I want to know what more I can do. I’m still pretty ignorant and in need of grace. Lord have mercy.



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