august 21, 2016

I *think* I love a life with time for wild
mushrooms and opening and
closing coops and petting
the tail feathers of the hens
of using river rocks to pound
the fence posts into the ground because
it is more satisfying than using man-
made tools, but let’s be honest I sometimes
don’t want to ask anyone for help. sometimes
I don’t have the ambition to open my mouth
and make the sounds, which communicate,
“do you have such and such tool?” because
I’m not actually trying to be poetic and
raw and human by using the river rocks, I am
merely lazy, depressed, tired of people,
whatever, but then I use the river rocks and
find out this is pretty f*cking rad that i just
used free posts and fencing from the curb
and the river rocks and made a fence for my
hopefully someday chickens.
Anyhow I really rambled down the bunny trail
there. So I’m finding out I like a life with time
for the things I never used to have time for. Things
I never knew I wanted to have time for. Things
I never knew.  I was trying so hard to live for
Jesus, but I’m wondering if Jesus said
dammit stop already because you need to
find out about all these things that you don’t
have time for trying so hard to do these
others things for me.
that’s enough for now.


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