Hello. I’m Katy.  Welcome to my little corner of cyber space.  My hope is for this to be a place that I can share part of my life, mostly for myself, but with the hope that it may encourage you as well.  I, like many others, desire to see myself and people set free to be themselves.  I think this is rare in our world.  I’m a homebody and an introvert, but don’t worry, I still like people. (sometimes ;))  I can be socially awkward, I enjoy learning and understanding why things are how they are, I enjoy art, poetry, film, and music that inspires me and enables me to encounter what’s good and true.

I’m exhausted from being fake, as I lived with masks a lot of my life, so I’m working on rejecting this way of living (or dying).   It’s difficult to undo what’s been the norm for years.  I try to follow the way of Jesus.  I believe that all truth is God’s truth and if something works, is beautiful, and produces fruit such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, or self-control, then it is good and from The Divine, and is the way of Jesus, regardless of what it’s labeled.

I hope this can be a place of respectful dialogue.  I hope you will feel welcome and free to be real here.  



5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Katy, I saw your post on laurenicolelove.com blog on a recent video series she is doing. I am also struggling and was hoping maybe we could email and talk about it

  2. Hi Katy. Thank you for writing, I found you through a comment on RLC, one of my ‘net hangouts. Your “About” section was fascinating. It was like looking in a mirror. I am also very introverted. I love people, but I can only handle them in small doses, and most people don’t understand. I can hang out with people for a little while, but haver to retreat to my room where I’m safe.

    Your comment about being tired of being fake REALLY resonated. I am a transsexual (a girl born with boy parts), and have spent all but three years wearing a boy mask because I was terrified of what others might think if I told them. I also knew I’d lose my family if I ever told, which I did three years ago when I finally came out. Through my coming coming out process though, I gained a love for myself, that I never had before and a new found sense of respect that enabled me to embrace the unconditional love and acceptance God has for me, that I could never understand before, which in turn enabled me to to love others. So yes, ripping our masks off and being authentic is so critically important.

    I’m also fully into your To-Do list. I’d love to have money to travel. I watch Henry Rollins’ spoken word performances often, just so I can go to the places he’s been in my mind. I’d love to go to Pakistan, and Syria, and Tunisia, and Spain, and just all over. Playing harmonica (in a blues band for me…think John Popper) would rock.

    So yeah, you’re awesome.

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