To do:

my hopes and dreams and stuff

1.  Travel again to Northern Ireland

2.  Live in an inner city 

4.  Return to France

5.  Go Snorkeling and see pretty stuff

6.  Take a long trip by bike…perhaps in France. :)

7.  sing harmonies in a folk band

7.5 learn the harmonica, or something else you can play in the folk band that you sing in.

8.  Adopt a child

8.5  …marry my best friend…

9.  walk the Camino pilgrimage

10.  Visit Mon in Thailand

11.  Travel to Norway

12.  Watch a musical on broadway

13.  Be in a musical

14.  Go camping for more than 3 nights (in a row) (in a tent) (or a hammock)

14.5  travel the world…all continents?

15.  learn to make French pastries

15.5  be a part of an olympic opening ceremony…or at least attend one!

16.  attend grad school and become a licensed counselor

16.5 be an extra in a movie

17.  visit every state

17.5 work with human trafficking survivors

18.  make new traditions…lots of them

18.5  hop a train


8 thoughts on “To do:”

  1. 1. count me in
    2. and 3.—heck ya girl, get it. you’d be amazing at that ministry!!
    4. when? i will pray that you do.
    5. count me in
    6. again, count me in.
    7. HECK YES CHICA!! when do you wanna do this? is this a new revelation? and why have i not heard this??
    8. do it :)
    9. count me in. i will be there every day when i’m retired. we will sip tea and chat all day :)
    10. the world race…many opportunities for that.
    11. most beautiful country (and cleanest)
    12. COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    13. together? ok :)
    14. i’m all geared up for that… let’s do it when i get home. 5 months!
    15. oh good. i will help taste test…ALL of them :)

    oops…hope you don’t mind me involved in all aspects of your life… cuz i just love you a ton :)

    1. I am giggling out loud at how joyful I am that you will do most of my life things WITH me. :) :) I am very serious about all of these. I will write you…in like 10 minutes. Because I am taking students on a vision trip over spring break to Montpellier, France. So I guess you haven’t heard from me in a while. I’m really excited to write and can’t believe I’ve waited so long.

      I LOVE you, too, Ash bi gash!

  2. Hi! I was just wondering whereabouts you live now? I live in Northern Ireland!

    I read the article about the Love-List in the Relevant Magazine email this week too.. it’s a great idea. I really love that magazine. I like your blog! :)

    1. Hi redlarieyello (not sure how to address you :)) ! Thanks for the comment and compliment. How did you find my blog? I LOVE that you live in Northern Ireland? Where exactly are you living? I’m currently in North Dakota, however I totally look forward to spending time there someday. I was there for just a week and loved so much about that area!
      Are you from Ireland? Thanks again for the message. I look forward to hearing from you!

      1. Haha sorry! My name is Laurie.
        Yes, I’m born and bred here in NI! I live in Bangor, Co. Down!
        Hmm..I think I typed in “Christian” to the search bar to find blogs to follow, and your post about the Love-List was there! So I checked out your blog :) wow, North Dakota! That’s awesome! I’d love to visit America, I really would. Ask me anything about NI, I love my wee country and am very happy to answer! :)

    2. Wow. I am THRILLED to be in touch with a native from just south of Belfast! (that’s where Bangor is, right?) How neat that you came across my blog and I just happen to be a wee bit enamored with your country. I also wish I could use “wee” as smoothly in conversations as y’all. :) I honestly do not know a lot about Ireland. I stayed at this lovely b&b for about a week : with some friends, while we were actually doing mission work in southern France for the year. You can see that my profile picture was at Giant’s Causeway, which I fell in love with. I checked out your new blog and hope you’ll enjoy it. Blogging has been a great outlet for me to process my journey with God.

      1. Yes, that’s exactly right! I know, it’s amazing! God set us up nicely haha! I’ve never spoken to anyone who loves NI this much! Oh yes, “wee” is used in almost every sentence of mine :)
        Ah yes! Bushmills is beautiful. Portstewart Strand is a lovely stretch of beach to walk along, did you go there? The Giant’s Causeway is class! :)
        Thanks for checking out my blog, you’re my first follower haha! I’m looking forward to using it to grow :)

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